Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Cast of You're Beautiful

You Are Beautiful. Yes, you are. And so is the entire cast of this amazing drama. Let's get up close and personal with all of their faces.

Park Shin-hye as Go Mi-hyeo/Go-Mi nam

Shin Hye pulls double duty in this drama. She plays fraternal twins Mi Nam and Mi-hyeo. Not only that but she plays Mi-hyeo playing Mi Nam, talk about confusing! If the actress looks familair it is because she has skyrocketed to fame. Mostly due to the popularity of this drama. She is known worldwide for her natural beauty, giving her some pretty hefty cosmetic deals. Look for her face on Etude House products and more.

Tree of Heaven 2006
High Kick Through the Roof 2010
Heartstrings 2011
Flower Boy Next Door 2012
The Heirs 2013

Evil Twin 2007
Cyrano Agency 2007
Miracle in Cell No. 7 2012
The Tailors 2014

Jang Guen-suk as Hwang Tae-kyung

Guen-suk stars as the charismatic and brooding Tae-kyung. This drama served as a catapult to take Guen-suk to stardom throughout Asia and the world. Rumor has it that he was originally offered the role of Jun Pyo in Boys Over Flowers,which he turned down. After the success of that drama, he took this one and since... kdrama has never been the same, nor has guyliner looked so good.

Hug 1998
Nonstop 4 2003
Lovers in Prague 2005
Mary Stayed Out All Night 2010
Love Rain 2012
Pretty Man 2013

Baby and I 2008
You're My Pet 2011

Did you know that Guen-suk is also a singer/musician known worldwide? You do now.  Let his sweet voice and beautiful face serenade you! His band is Team H.

Jung Yong-hwa as Kang Shin-woo
Yong-hwa plays Shin-woo, a polite, handsome and funny guy on the show.  And if you can not get enough of him, you can always play some CNBlue. Yong-hwa is a respected musician as well as an actor. So you can get your fill whenever you have a Shin-woo pang.

Heartstrings 2009
A Gentlemen's Dignity 2012 (cameo as himself)
Marry Him If You Dare 2013

Let Yong-hwa and the rest of CNBlue make your day a little brighter.

Lee Hongki as Jeremy
Hongki plays the fun loving and angelic Jeremy. He normally doesn't sport the blond locks, but somehow they work for him. His character from this show was so popular he even appeared as Jeremy on another drama! Be sure to guard your feels from this one. He has stars in numerous dramas and even some films. Most surprisingly he released a book on Nail Art for men! And if you have watched The Heirs, then you have heard his sweet voice on the soundtrack. 

Magic Kid Masuri 2002
On Air 2008
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (cameo as Jeremy)
Bride of the Century 2014

Rockin on Heavens Door 2013

His book is all about nail art and fashion for men. Click here to buy it.

Or listen to his song contribution to The Heirs.

There you have the cast of You're Beautiful. Quite a stunning and talented bunch of stars. If you have any questions or would like to know about any of the lesser known characters just ask.

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Until next time guys! Happy watching.

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  1. Absolutely love the poster for the Korean version of You're Beautiful. The poster itself is beautiful and so well done.
    Have you seen the Taiwanese or the Japanese version of You're Beautiful? I actually like the Taiwanese version best, the Japanese version second. But each had its own take on the story and scenes added or deleted. I like Jiro Wang in the lead of the Taiwanese version.
    Jang Guen-suk does suit the role very well though in the Korean version. He actually makes an appearance as himself in the Japanese version. It is a cute scene where he knows "he" is a girl.