Sunday, May 12, 2013

Kdrama Fashion Alert: The Style of Heartstrings

I know I can not be the only one who, whilst watching a Kdrama that says: I want all the clothes!!! 

I was especially in love with the girly style of Gyu-won. And who wouldn't want a boyfriend who dressed as cool and collected as Lee Shin? So of course, I had to write about their style and show you how to replicate it.

You're thankful, I can tell.

Girly Goody-Goody Gyu-Won Glowing Garments

Gyu-won's style is simple: girly. She wears nothing but dresses and super long maxi-skirts (I do think there was one episode where she decided to sport a romper, I think of that as never happening). Since watching Heartstrings I have purchased a maxi-dress and a maxi-skirt. What can I say, I was inspired.

Plus unlike, what most people think, a maxi-length ansemble does not make you look shorter. I am 5' 5" and I happen to think the length makes me look slimmer. Plus, you can sit as "unlady-like" as you want!
Here are some perfect examples of some maxi-dresses that remid me of Gyu-won. She loves girly details like ruffles and romantic shapes that flow. These dresses would easily flatter any shape or size! Dresses: Billabong, Vans, ONeill, Brigette Bailey

Too scared of the long length? You can still get the ease of her style with a shorter cut. I chose all of these dresses on the fact that Gyu-won liked fun prints and easy flowing empire-waist dresses. The lavender one, actually reminds me of the dress from concert where Lee Shin kisses her in front of everyone. Dresses: Fox, Oneill, Gabriella Rocha

Lee Shin's Laid-back Look

Lee Shin knows how to come across as effortless. He always looks well put together and polished, but also that he could have cared less about what he was wearing. His secret weapon: Layers. He always, and I mean always wore blue. Hey, if you have a favorite color and it happens to look amazing on you, why not wear it all the time. There is nothing wrong with that at all!

I found all of these shirts at Old Navy. So whether you want to get your man to wear more Lee Shin styles, or you want to add some menswear to your style Old Navy has you hooked up.
As for the under shirts, signature white was and is the way o go. It comes across as clean and light. I think Lee Shin would wear these styles for two reasons: comfort and the fun nature of the prints.

So there you have it. The style of the love birds from Heartstrings! All you need now is time to shop.
If you have any questions, please message me below! I love messages. Probably more than chocolate..... Okay, not as much as chocolate, but your input is calorie free!

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  1. I like this style of clothes! I already have the entire wardrobe filled with such dresses. They are very elegant