Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Heartstrings Review

Farewell Heartstrings.... I will miss you. Well, sort of. It's a long story. Ok, maybe not so long. But it is definitely not you. It's me. 

Heartstrings Video Review
video is spoiler-free

For more... continue on. Warning: there are some spoilers.

Heartstrings, how do I count the ways.....

I have a bad feeling that my break-up with Heartstrings may cause some drama in the real world. I have already had a few conversations with a couple of friends that watch Kdrama already. And their reaction to my reaction of Heartstrings: Wae?!

I will start at the beginning. The attraction was there, and it had me at "Shin Woo". Then at the brink of us holding hands, it whispered.... "I have Park Shin Ha too." I was hooked immediately.

The infatuation was fast. A story line about young adults at school, boatloads of angst, love, fat jokes and even a goofy best friend. My crush was full swing before episode 3. Episode 4 however, I started to see the plot holes, the lack of story line follow through and just plain dumb scenarios. Now, don't get me wrong, I love stupid scenarios. Diving into 3 feet of water, coma from the rain..... Boys Over Flowers was full of them. But Heartstrings, you beautiful bastard, you had the worst.

The story line was purely made to appease fans like me who wanted to see Lee Shin get the girl. That's it. Some big fat writer had a boardroom meeting and while twisting his evil mustache said:  "Fangirls love this Shin Woo and Mi Nam shit, let's make some money off of it." And they did. They sold the rights to the show to eight different countries as soon as it aired. Bastards.

All I have to say, is that I was a fan of the set up, but not the follow through. The 15 episode series was lacking in umph from the get go. Why did Dok Mi even love Shin Woo? He's a dick. He never shows her a good side of himself until they are dating, not to mention he is hung up on a super emo dance teacher too. At least in Playful Kiss we see a little leeway. Why did Lee Shin love the dance teacher, for that matter? Backgrounds and deeper plots were left in the dust. And Park Shin Ha, fat?! WTF.

I do have to say, that once all the drama was gone they did have a super sweet romance. Not the cutest I have ever seen, but cute nonetheless. So I will give you that Heartstrings. Shin Woo gets the girl. Finally.

So What did I find so ridiculous? 
I made a top five list for you.

5. Hair flipping makes you the worlds greatest dancer.
Everyone kept acting like she was so super talented. All I saw was a cause for Willow Smith to be worried.

4. Emo dancing in the dark
Not only did she dance in the dark, but she lept trying to do the same move and kept falling on an INJURY. I don't know about you, but I would stop hurting myself. Unless you like that sort of thing.

3. 60KG is fat!
30KG is 132 lbs. 132LBS!!!!! Gaaah. My head explodes when I start to even think about it. 

2. Angry bikes rides
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, Lance Armstrong.

1. Split montage
Ah... Episode 4. The episode that made me so angry I had to stop watching this show for 4 days. I don't care if you practice the splits for every minute of a 24 hour day. You simply can not learn the splits in a day. Much less, one night. Then... She doesn't do them the rest of the show. Yeah. I can drive a Semi through that plot hole.

There you have it. My full review. I know what you are thinking, April: you were so honest in the written review. I was. I wanted to let you guys know how I truly felt. As for those who have not seen the series, the video review is for them.

If you loved the show, I respect you. I just personally didn't love it. If you did, then I am glad. Finding drama you like is what gets you ready to watch another one.

As always if you have any questions or comments leave them below. I love hearing from you!


  1. lawls. this was hilarious :) thanks for the review! planning to watch it only because i want to see the pair together after the disappointment in You're Beautiful :P

    1. That is the only reason I watched it too. Enjoy!

  2. Hi!

    planning to watch this series, but is it worth my time? Can you recommend other series? :)


    1. If you havent watched You're Beautiful yet, I would watch that first before this one. Otherwise I would avoid it. Its cute but lengthy-feeling. I would recommend Flower Boy Ramen Shop, Flower Boy Next Door, Cheondemdong Alice(if im spelling that right), Faith, City Hunter, Rooftop Prince. Let me know if you have watched those and I'll recommend more.

  3. overall what was better heartstrings or you're beautiful???

  4. @anon
    You're Beautiful hands down.

  5. Lol this review was hilarious I feel the same way,why did he love that teacher in the first place.We all knew from the start that it wasn't going to workout anyway.I liked it but i've seen better drama's,even though this was the first drama i've ever watched.I'm still a beginner in the kdrama world,anyways thx for the review.Gave me a good laugh.

    1. I am so glad you loved my review. And also that I wasn't alone in my reaction to the show. I would highly recommend watching You're Beautiful next. A much better drama. But my all time fav... Secret Garden. Happy watching and welcome to the fandome.

  6. Watched it because my friend make me to.
    what safe the drama is because I kinda like the tension between Shin-the Dance teacher and the douche director (it help that i like the actress).
    But I cannot contained my anger anymore seeing how the douche director manage the performance and its staff. Especially since I was managing a small dance troupe myself.

    Some aspect is ridiculously shown like pushing a talented Traditional musician into a singer/dancer team. And..She manage to nail it (?!!) in just after one night training she can perform at the same level as other semi professional student who have trained years every day..that make me bloody furious. It put question on the quality of the art school that they attend.

    On the story telling itself, Its not that different than any other K-dorama, What surprised me is How they Show the feeling of Shin to the dance teacher in a obsessive and leghty manner. I understand that it maybe done to build the anticipation of Shin's rebound to the main heroine. But it's difficult for me to symphatize with the main heroine if she act cutesy all the time,surrounded by happy friends, pushed into a star by a douche director just because she is 'talented' unlike the star student from performing art departement who practised hard every time yet he managed to look like a doll. (I dont know that confidence an passion is charachter's that korean dolls have)

    It's like the main heroine don't have a real conflict. beside striving for Shin's Heart. Its irritating since the supporting charachter have their own struggle over their artistic achievement...(oh forget about the douche director, who also as bland as the main heroine)

    Sorry for passionate comment, I just need to let it out my system.

    1. Skinner17,

      I love your impassioned comment! You are a genius for pinpointing yet another reason that the show fell flat. The heroine didn't have a major conflict and pretty much everything was handed to her. While every single other character had a major hurdle to jump.

      The fact that you manage a dance troupe is amazing. I can not imagine how frustrated you were during the horrific dance montage. If I was screaming at the screen, then surely you had lasers shooting out of your eyes. You put it so beautiful with the line: after just one night training she can perform at the same level as other semi professional students. So true!

      Thank you so much for your comment!

  7. Empress Ki,My love from the star,lie to me,secret garden, the king 2 hearts, the moon that embraces the sun,playful kiss,you're beautiful,heartstrings.. among them all my favorite is "secret garden" although all of these are very good dramas.. each drama left me with different feelings after a watched them..i already feel like im korean!

    1. Secret Garden is one of my personal favorites too. It has it all: drama, romance, humor, a crazy coniving mother and sequins. hahahahahaha Thanks for the comment Miss Dolly.

  8. I liked the end, but you are right... dance scenes, bad romances... not as bright as other kdramas. Was like watching young teenagers, not young adults university level. But I totally fall in love with Shin and how thoughtful he was with her once they were dating.

    Secret garden, BOF, Coffee Prince, You are beautiful, Heirs... some of my personal favorites and its good to know that there are much more dramas to watch!

    PD. Love you top 5 list! :D

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm glad someone else agrees with me about Heartstrings.

  9. I feel the same way,omoo...
    The plot is so-so. Theres nothing special. Competition bet gyuwon and heejoo,cmon psh is better than that malnourish girl. And i dont find her talented. Dancing sucks and singing. And how about who is the second lead? Is it joon hee and hee joo. Or the prof and director. Im confused. They mess with the character but still park shin hye is awesome with her character. I skip lots of scene. One is when the parents of lee shin or gyu won talking.

    1. Hahaha! That's a great comment. This drama had me really hopeful, but in the end I left still a fan of both main actors but not the plot of this one. Thanks for the comment, it made me laugh with it's honesty about her singing.

  10. I have just started to watch it and so far its the music that had attracted me. I like the main lead voice as I like the band CNBLUE but the love story and everything is not my cup of tea. I prefer to watch drama where they don't focus too much on love story but more on the plot like revenge, or something else like City Hunter or Chief Kim recently. So yeah, overall I like the music only...

  11. I'm watching it right now. Up to ep. 7 now and I've yet to see a smile on anyone's faces. I hate that there are so many subplots that are completely forgettable, too many montages of the same boy looking sullen, and I'm sorry, but Shin Hye's character is completely devoid of pride which is a bit of a detour from the initial characterization on the first episode. I don't know when she even fell for him. I love KDrama, this one is just one melancholic pandering after another. I have to finish this because I've already started but I know I'm going to be saying to give me back my 15 hours when it's over.

    1. My thoughts exactly. This drama really only came about because of their prior drama being so successful. Thank you so much for reading.