Monday, March 4, 2013

I Have Landed!

My trip across the country was fantastic!! Not only did I get to take my time, I had planned ahead to see some sites. I was awed by the beauty and weirdness of the US!

 I actually seen Route 66! Most of my drive intertwined with it!

This is what is left of Satellite Cafe. It burned down in the seventies.
 Hello.... World's Largest Fork!
It is located in Springfield MO.
 I spotted some wind turbines near Tahoka TX.
 The World's Largest Peanut was in Durant OK.
 Near Rule TX the earth was super flat. Not only could you see for miles, but there was nothing a far as you could see.

 My next stop was Roswell NM. It was super cute. And if you ever go there you have to eat at Billy Ray's!!
 The welcome center was super welcoming. 
 This is what happens when you forget to bring contact lenses in the desert  You double stack your glasses and sunglasses.
 Roswell is made for photo opps! Just check out Area 51 for $3!
 I made some pretty stellar friends.
 In Arizona, I stopped at the El Rancho. John Wayne stayed there!
 Next stop was a giant Meteor Crater. Starman was filmed there! I promise there us an astronaut down there.
 My last stop was the Grand Canyon!! Man oh man was it ever grand. 

If you have any questions about my trip or what I have been watching, let me know!! 
So far I am loving Las Vegas!


  1. Nevada looks really nice! I should go there someday, Australia is getting boring :/