Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Cast of Faith

Faith was the highly anticipated historical drama from the same people who made Ghost and The Slingshot. Not only was this drama talked about in detail and reported on every second of the day, they had the cast to back up the hype. Check out who starred in Faith.
Choi Young
Lee Min Ho is Choi Young the most skilled warrior to serve for the King. He is riddled with past heartaches and holds his head low. How will he protect the King when his heart is not in it? You can not let your hands shed blood and never feel any pain. 

Min Ho is a popular Drama star. He has starred in some very popular dramas. Most of which I have seen. If you haven't watched Boys Over Flowers, do yourself a favor and sit down with your computer and a bottle of wine.

Yoo Eun-Soo

Kim Hee-Seon is Eun-Soo a skilled plastic surgeon who has been kidnapped by a crazy man dressed in a drama costume. How is she to save a Queen? Surely this is all a dream. There is no way she will not wake up tomorrow and give another presentation. Why does her cell phone not work?
Hee-Soon started her career in acting when she was just in high school. She has starred in major motion pictures such as The Myth, co-starring along Jackie Chan. She had to learn Mandarin for the role. Needless to say, she is a talented actress. 

Past Dramas: My Fair Lady, Smile Again, Goodbye My Love

Gi Cheol
Yu Oh-Seong stars as Gi Cheol, a man of means. Not only does he have personal skilled assassins by his side. He also wants the throne to go back to Yuan. Nothing can stop him from his goal of destroying the King.... Well, except for Choi Young, and a magical doctor from the heavens.
Yu Oh-Seong is not only a televeison star but he is also a very well known movie star. He has starred in hits such as The Spy and Attack the Gas Station. He is currently in talks to star in a major motion picture as a boxer for director Kyung-Taek Kwak

Past Dramas: The Iron King, Swallow The Sun, Dear Lover

Jang Bin
Phillip Lee is Jang Bin a skilled doctor from the city of Goryeo. Not only has he befriended "God's Doctor" he is her constant companion. He has to help er determine how to make medicines from natural ingredients and to keep her calm after her run ins with Choi Young.
If Phillip Lee looks familiar to you, then you my friend have seen Secret Garden, or my blog post devoted to him. Swoon.

Past Dramas: Secret Garden, The Sling Shot

The King

Ryu Deok-hwan plays King Gongmin, newly appointed King who is unsure of his place in the world. Everyone around him only seeks to please him. Until he meets Choi Young, who tells him the truth to his face. With this skilled warrior beside him and his beautiful King he dreams of a peaceful Goryeo.
Deok-hwan is not new to the acting game, he started at just 5 years old in the television drama Lifetime in the Country  He stayed with that drama for 8 years before moving on to more drama and eventually moving onto the big screen. He has gained the most recognition for playing a transgender teenager in the motion picture Like a Virgin.

Past Dramas: God's Quiz, U-Turn, Five Brothers and Sisters

The Queen
Park Se-Young plays the beautiful and stern Queen. Not only does the Queen get attacked and face death almost immediately but her husbands uncertainty about his role and Gi Cheol's attempts have her on edge. How can she help? Does her husband truly love her? She is from Yuan and he is from Goryeo, how will it work?
Se-Yong is a busy, busy girl. She actually worked on four separate dramas within the past year.  If she looks familiar you have been watching more drama than me! When she isn't acting, she's modeling. Yeah, it wasn't a surprise to me either.

Past Dramas: If Tomorrow Comes, Love Rain, Man From the Equator

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I adore hearing from my Kdrama family more than I adore kittens..... And that's a lot!


  1. When I discovered that the actress who plays the queen in this is the same one who played the B in Love Rain I was amazed and my opinion of her rose dramatically. Instead of being the typical KDrama female B, she was certainly queenly and even gave an aura of more maturity. She was great.
    Lee Philip - oh yea, I stood up and took notice. Can't get enough. Have you seen the trailer for Faith when Kang Ji-Hwan was still going to play the lead? If not, run to youtube and watch. As much as I enjoyed the series, this is what Faith could have been - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyMrcMdcT6E&index=24&list=LLUKEGLf2oWXz4Ig8RHNhSgg

    1. Wow. That link is just crazy! Thank you so much for the share! And yes, Lee Phillip is yummy. I was the same with the Queen, Great actress! Love the comments Ro!