Monday, January 7, 2013

Diamond Snow

The person you see Diamond Snow with, you will fall in love with and you will be together always. 
 So the legend goes...

If you are anything like me then you were crying your heart out and feeling the love pulsating from Joon and Ha-Na. I wanted to have a reminder of Love Rain and of the myth of Diamond Snow.

 Simply put: I wanted that damn necklace!
And I got it!!!

 Ha-na wearing her lovely necklace.
 My new necklace, and me looking very non-Yoona-like. 

Where did I find this wonderful necklace? 

What about the real Diamond Snow?!
I did a little searching on the internet to find out about actual Diamond Snow and if it exists. Turns out it does! Just not in one specific spot. Although it has been seen in Japan, just like in the drama. 

Diamond Snow or Diamond Dust as it is commonly called is a weather phenomenon that occurs when a low lying cloud on a clear frigid day produces a frozen dust. So it can occur anywhere cold.

So keep the romance of the Diamond Snow in your heart.


  1. omg! great!!
    I love this drama and diamond necklance. :)
    thanks U.

  2. goddess Yoona and prince jang keun suk ♥

    1. Yoona is the prettiest. unless she stands next to GKS. Hahahaha :)

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