Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sleepytime Done Big Style

Kang Gyung-Joon is a man of comforts. He knows what comfort is, and knows how to rest like a champ: in his childhood bed. Can you blame him? It's fantastic. Just look at the beauty of it. The curved design that borders on art and the welcoming canopy that almost beckons for you to take a nap.

Anyone of us can remember our childhood bed and the joy it brought us to have a "Big Kid" bed all to ourselves. It is a stepping stone is everyone's life. What was yours? I had the glory of a white gold-capped daybed, that made my Strawberry Shortcake bedspread look amazing! My Barbie's approved greatly.

Glancing at the bed I have right now, and I have to admit... It's lame. Screw being grown-up I want a be a kid again and have a bed that's fun!
Look at the options you have!
 Climbing a ladder beats sitting any day of the week.
Can you dig it?
 That baby is so YAR.
 I can hear the sirens! Where is my stuffed Dalmatian?
 This is the only way I will ever own a Corvette. And I'm fine with it.
 Little Bed on the Prairie... I hope that's soymilk in that barrel.
 So comfy... I may never leave it.
 Can your normal bed out run a brontosaurus? Well, then... It's lame.
 You seeing this one Clifford? Yeah, he actually FITS in the house.

All of these AWESOME beds made me think that KJG would approve of my efforts. So I decided to test some out for myself.
 I am only 5'5" and as you can see my legs are too long.
 But the purple headboard is fun. And it was cozy.
 This one reminded me of my childhood bed. But I need to stretch out. So no.
Too small.
 This one was fun. I really liked the flower thingies on the wall. I wonder if they would throw those in?
 This one could be the winner!

If I purchased the bunk-bed do you think Gong Yoo would take the top bunk? 
I imagine his face would look like this at the mere suggestion:
Whatever bed you have make sure you love it.
 I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did. If you have any questions or want to know if I jumped on any of those beds.... Please leave a comment below. 

Comments make me happier than calorie-free brownies!


  1. Seriously? I KNOW you jumped on those beds. Why would I even need to ask. The only thing I want to ask is why you didn't include the video into this post for us all to see?! HELLO?! *taps screen*

    1. @Mel,
      The sales reps at the place I went to find those beds were watching me like a hawk. No video.... Sorry.

      And my lips are sealed!

  2. LMAO April! I love that you always go the extra mile for these posts. Your bed poses are awesome!

    Man, that bed nest looks sooooo comfortable. I could snuggle up to Gong Yoo in there. :)


    1. @YA aka Maggie
      Thanks! I wish everyone could have seen all the weird looks I got from customers at the furniture store. Hahahahaa. I have no shame. Does it show?

      The nest is my favorite. I think the lady made it out of fleece. It is on Pinterest. I wonder how hard that would be to make. Hmmm.

      I think I could cuddle with Gong Yoo in a cardboard box.