Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big Review

I finished Big! This was a quick one. I mean 16 episodes is like a short nap when you are used to hibernating. Although I did really enjoy all the slow motion sequences.
Did I think it was a Big success? Or a tiny disappointment? Did I enjoy the story or think that it was seriously missing some more Gong Yoo shirtless scenes?
There is only one way to find out! Watch my Video Review!

                                  Psssst..... There are spoilers. Be careful. Watch the drama first.

Big Video Review

Since you have seen my couch. I decided to share:
An April in her natural habitat

Pua and I love Kdrama. This is our normal spot and vantage point. 
Pua hogs the remote. She has a thing for Lee Min Ho. 
 Pua is letting me know, that if I pause it one more time... I will get shanked at lights out.
If you look really close you may be able to see what we are watching.
My little spot that I like to call it heaven.

That's it everyone. If you you liked Big or hated it. I want to hear about it. Who was your favorite character? Who did you fast forward past? What are you watching right now?

As always, if you loved my review or have any questions. Please leave me a comment. I love 'em!

They make me happier than calorie-free brownies.
Seriously, I almost do a back flip.
And by almost I mean almost.

Till next time.... why not have a really crappy song stuck in your head?

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