Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cast of Rooftop Prince

Rooftop Prince is a drama that involves unlikely time-travel. Time travel that allows two people to meet who would have never meet, be forever changed because of their strange collision. If you are anything like me at all, then you are on the edge of your seat with each and every single heart gripping, mind-twisting and heart-breaking moment.

Because of this, I know you do not have the time to find out about the actors and actresses that bring together this beautifully warped show. I know, I hate have reality crash in....

You are in luck, I am here to tell you about everyone who makes the show what it is. 

Micky Yoochun
Lee Gak and Yong Tae Yong are brought together by one man: Micky Yoochun. His looks are easy to see why he landed the princely role. He has a powerful jaw, great posture and the ability to convey arrogance so easily, that you forget he is just an actor. But not only is he an actor, he is a very well known singer too! Currently he is with YJY a great k-pop group. He is also in talks of starring in his next drama: I Miss You.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010)
Miss Ripley (2011)
I Miss You (To be announced)

Watch Micky Yoochun sing his beautiful heart out.
JYJ - Ayy Girl (featuring Kanye West)
Han Ji-min 
Park Ha is brought to life by the beautiful and down to earth Han Ji-min. You would have never known, but this young lady never wanted to pursue acting. She had her start in numerous ads and commercials. She hosted Entertainment Relay from 2006-2008 and had her breakthrough role in Resurrection. After that she has continued to pursue acting, and I for one am very glad.
Padam Padam (2011)
Cain and Abel (2009)
Capital Scandal (2007)
Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow (2011)
The Cut (2007)
Blue Swallow (2005)
Watch these commercials featuring the beauty herself.


Jeong Yu-mi

You would have never guessed that the beautiful and evil Se-na is just a hometown girl who made her debut in a bubblegum ad, never in thousand years. She has had tons of minor roles in both TV and movies. She has skyrocketed to success after Rooftop Prince and is now a household name in Korea thanks to A Thousand Days Promise (2011). 
Dong Yi (2010)
Painter of the Wind (2008)
City Conquest (to be announced)
Wonderful Radio (2012)
You're My Pet (2011)
Into the Mirror (2003)

 I could not find the gun commercial that made her famous, but I did find a cute Ice Cream ad.

Lee Tae-Sung

This is the second time I have had to look up Lee Tae-Sung. The first time around was for Playful Kiss. You can imagine my shock and dis-belief when I seen the core of the character of Tae-mu. He has come a long way from the Elvis-like persona of Bong Joon-gu. I have to say I am impressed.

Hooray for Love (2011)
Playful Kiss (2010)
Romance Zero (2010)

26 Years Diary (2006)
Gangster High (2006)

Lee Min-ho
Best known for his role in The Moon Embracing the Sun, he has come a far way from his modeling roots. He is continuing to stretch his acting legs in films and more dramas. I can definitely say that I do enjoy looking at him, ever so much. I can see how his modeling career was successful.

The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012)
A Thousand Kisses (2011)
The Thorn Birds (2011)

Running Man (2012)
Howling (2012)
Ghost (2010)

Here is modeling picture from a Vogue Girl shoot, where the entire cast of The Moon Embraces the Sun posed. Look at him model.... Perfection.

Jung Suk-won
If you keep up to date on your celebrity gossip then the face of Jung Suk-won should be very familiar to you. He has been dating singer Baek Ji-Young for a while now. He is best known only for his role on Rooftop Prince, but be sure to keep an eye out for him.

Haeundae Lovers (2012)
Midas (2011)
Ojakgyo Brothers (2012)
Dr. Champ (2012)

Pictures of the happy couple. After they went public, they even posed for Cosmo. If I were her I would have claimed him as mine too. 

Choo Woo-shik
Woo-sik is a newby. I am glad to have witnessed him in Rooftop Prince. He is currently promoting his next movie set to release in 2013: Covertness.


 There you have it! The faces of Rooftop Prince! If you have any questions or would like to know more about cast members not mentioned here, please leave a comment below. 
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  1. I love your blog. :) You are changing lives. For example: because of this entry, I decided to put You Are Beautiful on hold I'd only seen 1/2 of the first episode) and start Rooftop Prince instead.

    1. @CT
      Awe... I am planning on watching You Are Beautiful as well. I hope oou like whatever I end up writing about it. Hahahaha. That is a little way off though. I need to finish a few before I can. Thank you for your complement!

  2. Oh, and it was also because I'm kind of obsessed w/Kim Jaejoong from JYJ after seeing/drooling over him in Protect the Boss. Rooftop Prince has a JYJ affiliation? Count me in!!

    1. @CT
      A JYJ obsession is completely understandable. And Kim Jaejoong is mesmerizing. I hope you enjoy Rooftop Prince!

  3. After reading this I just had to watch Rooftop Prince after putting it off for a while and it ended up being one of my top fav dramas. So thank you!!!!