Saturday, October 27, 2012

Rooftop Prince: How To Make Omurice

You don't have to be royalty to appreciate some delicious food. I could not help but be tempted into snacking during Rooftop Prince. Can you blame me when the characters prance around nibbling on decadent treats during almost every episode!! Just look....

     I had to take matters into my own hands.
That's right. I made Omurice!!
What exactly is Omurice?
Omurice is literally a conjunction of the Japanese words for "omelet" and "rice". The dish is very popular in Japan and remained a staple in Korea after the Japanese Occupation. The dish can be served many ways, but mostly consists of fried rice that is flavored with beef, vegetables, stock, or tomato sauce. The rice is then placed inside a thinly fried egg and served with ketchup on top. You can order Omurice at many restaurants in South Korea. It is often featured in Kids Meals.

                                    Doesn't sound too difficult does it? Here goes nothing....


Here's my recipe:
(serves two)
1/2 large white onion diced
1 clove garlic minced
2 white mushrooms sliced
1 Bag Tyson Chicken Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Strips
1 cup Five Minute Rice fully cooked
1/2 Cup Tomato Sauce
4 eggs (2 for each omelet)

There are a million recipes online. I just used the items that I personally thought sounded good together. So the possibilities are endless with this dish. After I had it though, I can completely see why the guys were obsessed with it on the show. It is delicious.

Park Ha's looks way better than mine though! I guess practice makes perfect. 

If you have any questions or would love to know how I like my eggs. Please leave a comment below!
This was fun.


  1. Is that a Rosie cookie jar?? I loved the Jetsons!

    April, you need to have your own Korean style Semi-Homemade cooking show. And AH, is that Jung Suk Won on the right?? I loved him in Dr. Champ. Glad your first experience with omurice turned out alright. :D

    1. @YA
      Yeah, Rosie is pretty awesome, thanks for noticing her. She was a gift from my boyfriend. I always wanted to be pretty like Judy Jetson, when I was a kid. I love that cartoon.

      JSW... Yeah. "drool". He is pretty funny in Rooftop Prince.

      I am officially hooked on Omurice. It is so easy to make. My omelets look way better now. You would be very proud.

  2. Hello April
    I want to ask you for this recipe, what condiments did you used because i didn't see in the video. Salt, pepper or other!? Thanks

    1. Just salt and pepper, tomato sauce and some ketchup. I wanted it to taste as authentic as I possibly could. Thank you for the comment. :)

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    1. Awe thank you (writes down titles)... You are so sweet. Recommendations help me filter through all the dramas. Sometimes i just sit and stare at the screen of Dramafever and mumble.....

    2. Don't mention glad i could shared that :-P i love kdramas and kmovies if you want more recommendation i'll be glad.
      Kind Regards

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