Monday, October 22, 2012

Kdrama Fashion Alert: Good Girl VS Bad Girl Style of Rooftop Prince

When it comes to style, what type of style do you prefer? Good girl or Bad Girl? I wandered this myself.

While watching Rooftop Prince I was enamored with the leading ladies and how differently they both dressed.I could see the ease of dressing like a goody goody. But the sharp hot flare of a vixen has it's perks too.

Which one were you drawn to? Either way, I have you covered. just follow my guidelines to become Park Ha or Se Na. It is your choice after all.

Park Ha
Her look is very youthful and more laid back. Park Ha doesn't really care about her appearance unless it happens to be a special occasion, like a Prince taking her out. I love her look and could wear this style everyday. It looks cute, cozy and isn't sloppy at all. It comes across effortless.
Replicate Park Ha's Style

Step 1: Layer!
You need to layer up. Bulky sweaters in bright colors, with long sleeved button-ups underneath will work just great! Or a pan collar. Anything with a pan collar will work too.

Step 2: Bottom's Up!
Pair your top with skinny jeans. That's it. Easy-peasy.

Step 3: A Mile in Her Shoes
Shoes is where Park Ha really showed her flare to me. She wore 2 pairs of high-heeled oxfords the entire series. And a pair of strappy black boots. Building a wardrobe around structured shoes allows the entire "casual" look to come across more polished. Achieving the "Effortless" feel that every woman wants.

Se Na
Se Na is methodical in both her lying skills and the way she dresses. She wants attention, she wants to be noticed. Unlike Park Ha, Se Na is all about appearances. Why else would she lie about where she is from, where her mother works, and everything else. Her look is extremely polished. She comes across as a lady who knows fashion and has all the confidence in the world.
Recreate Se Na's Style
Step 1:Bright Basics
Think blazers, cardigans and tops. Chose a statement color that you love and go from there. Bright greens, pinks, lovely sapphire blues too. No color is off limits.

Step 2:She's Got Legs
Se Na loves to show off her gams. When you got em flaunt em right? Add shorts, hi-low skirts and minis to your repertoire to heat things up in a cool way.

Step 3:She's A Gem
Se Na always chose bold accessories like chunky necklaces, brooches and cluches. She also kept it simple by never over doing it. So if you have either a bold necklace or a bracelet, only choose one.

Now all you have to do is decide which direction to go: Good or Bad!

I hope that you have fun playing with the mixture of Angel and Evil. I had a lot of fun writing this post. I was truly inspired by the styles of the characters of Rooftop Prince. If you have any questions, comments or wold like to see my own styling of myself, please leave a comment!


  1. I want the chunky cable knit sweater from ON and to properly see the dress Se Na is wearing in the second photo next to the car

    1. @Mel,
      Me too. Isn't it adorable. As for the outfit Se na is wearing. I tried to get a full body shot of her from episode 10. I do know she is wearing a black blazer, white silk shirt and a skirt. Sorry. You can watch the very beginning of the episode and get a feel for that look.

  2. I was so happy to find this! Bak Ha's wardrobe is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for breaking it down and for the screen shots. I've bookmarked this.

    1. You are very welcome! Are there any other outfits/dramastars you would love to see?

  3. i've never been interested in fashion, but after watching rooftop prince, i started to look for outfits alike with Se Na. thanks for breaking it down :)

    1. No problem! I love clothing and dramas and I love when they crossover! Is there anyone else from a drama you would love to see? Thanks for the comment!

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