Sunday, October 14, 2012

City Hunter Video Review

Did you love City hunter? Did you hate it? Did you adore all the action and loathe the romance? Or were you torn between the Prosecutor and the sweet dimples of the City Hunter himself?

Want to know what I thought about the series? Was I impressed or blase? Do I have a shrine built in my bedroom dedicated to Lee Min Ho?!
 Find out in my Video Review! 

Warning: There are spoilers half-way through. So I suggest you finish watching the series and then watch my review.

And then tell me what you thought about the show. I love comments!

City Hunter Video Review

Thanks for reading my little blog and watching my review. Please, please, please, leave a comment below. I love suggestions, feedback, questions.

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  1. Yes haha I actually did turn my phone sideways in order to see the photos on your wall...

    1. @Mel,
      Hahahahahaha.. On the right is an Old Fashioned Picture of me and my BFF as Outlaws. On the left is pictures made by my BFF of us having fun, they are really cute because she scrapbooks too.

  2. Loved City Hunter. Outstanding drama. Come on - mention the music. It wouldn't have been half as good without that soundtrack.

  3. I found the music commonplace. But I guess that without it, it wouldn't have the same oomph. Good call.