Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kdrama Fashion Alert: Fashion Of City Hunter

I was enthralled by the fashion of City Hunter. So I wanted to share with you the styles that really inspired me.

Lee Yun-Seong's entire wardrobe had me leaning closer to my television on every single episode.  I even paused it couple of times and took pictures with my phone. Let's take a look. He even looks stylish on one of the show's promo ads.

Sitting outside, casually awaiting what to do about Kim Na-na.
 In an argument with Kim Na-na
 Strolling through Seoul looking awesome.
 He even looks good fixing some IT problem.

To recreate Yun-Seoung's look and overall feel. You will need just a few key items! Lucky for you guys, I internet shop like a pro. My postman even knows me by name. Here we go:

Colored Skinnies
 Above: Women's Pop Color khakis and Rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy

Chinos, khakis, jeggings, or even just jeans will do. But if you want style like the City Hunter himself, you have to be willing to go bold and bright. The key to pulling this off, is to mix the bright with basics. Yun-Seoung always wore a plain tee and layered with a jacket or blazer. No prints. The end result is a great eye popping jolt of the unexpected.


Trenches, trenches and more trenches. Throughout the show, I noticed that Yun-Seung had a trench coat in almost every color. grey, brown, tan, black and even a light blue. Each trench coat that her wore had one tiny detail that really stood out. So when you go to find one, look for eye-catching hardware, over-sized lapels, asymmetrical zippers and even weird cuffs!

Above: Fred Perry garner leather ( left), Volatile Davis (middle), and Splendid Sanford from Zappos

Oxfords and plain menswear influence is going to treat your feet right. Having the right footwear is essential in impressing others and making sure that kick to the face really gets noticed.I loved the oxfords worn on the entire show. I am pretty sure that he really only ever wore two different pairs. Either way, they made a lasting impression. I personally love oxfords with a colored out-sole. Wow.

No socks!

Kick it au natural, sit back and relax. You are a confidant person who will resist the urge to envelope your claws in cotton. Be a slave to fashion and sweat it out! Hahahaha

Just kidding.

But it does look pretty damn good doesn't it.

If you have any questions or want to see some pictures of my new oxfords, just leave a comment below.


  1. What do you think about style in "The Heirs"? :)

    1. I like what Kim Tan wears, but I am so disappointed in what all of the girls wear. Sigh.... The boys always dress way better in kdramas.