Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Faces of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

If you watch this series or have watched this series, then you know the cast. But do you know where they came from and where they have moved onto?

You don't? Well, you lucky bastard, I am here to tell you just that.

Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah plays the naughty, Gu Mi Ho, who always has an appetite and loves cow more than, well anyone. Min Ah is a well known model, actress and singer. Her modeling career begin when her image was featured in KiKi Magazine. She is also one of the only Korean models to have posed for Calvin Klein. She was signed to represent Rag & Bone, a DIY clothing line, featuring other famous names like: Miranda Kerr and Karolina Kurkova.

Acting is her main passion and is know for numerous dramas and movies.

Beautiful Days (2001)
The Devil (2007)
Arang and the Magistrate (2012)

Volcano High (2001)
The Beast and the Beauty (2005)
The Naked Kitchen (2009)
Sisters on the Road (2009)

Check out her modeling work with Rag & Bone

 Lee Seung Gi

The mischievous Cha Da-woong is portrayed brilliantly by Lee Seung Gi. He is a well known singer and MC, having released over 5 albums. Acting is his newest obsession, and I have to say that he definitely has the knack for it. Each sideways smirk only helped the character of Cha Da-woong even more. He is currently on King 2 Hearts.

King 2 Hearts (2012)
The Greatest Love (2011)
Brilliant Legacy (2009)

Dream of a Moth (2004)
Crazy For You (2006)
Story of Separation (2007)
Unfinished Story (2007)
Shadow (2009)
Tonight (2011)

 Here are some of Seung Gi's music videos....
Because We're Friends

Difficult Words to Say

 Like the First Time

No Min Woo
Park Dong Ju is played by actor No Min-Woo. He is an actor and musician who debuted on stage by the name of Rose, the drummer for The TRAX, a rock group.  He eventually moved onto acting but reprised his musical career shortly by forming 24/7

Pasta (2010)
Rock Rock Rock (2010)
Midas (2011)

A Frozen Flower (2008)
Ghastley (2011)

Check out The TRAX and see if you can spot him

Meet 24/7!

The entire band appeared on Pasta as the Italian Chef Team.

Not only can he sing, but he can out-pretty anyone!

 Park Soo Jin

Singer, actress and model: Park Soo Jin is the face of Da-woong's mischievous girlfriend,  Eun Hye In. Since she started as a model there is no doubt that her beauty is noticeable first. She gives Gu Mi Ho a great run for her money. She has starred in lots of Dramas and was a member of Sugar, where she got to showcase her lovely voice and face. If she looks very familiar, it is because she was one of the girls who tormented Guem Jan Di on Boys Over Flowers.

Cupid Factory (2011)
Our Happy Ending (2008)
Boys Over Flowers (2008)

Tell Me Why (2002)
SHINE (2003)
Sweet Lips (2005)

Park Soo-Jin and her band Sugar
I have to include a music video. I just HAVE to. And it's not pretty.
 Working her modeling chops for Vogue Girl.

There you have the faces of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho! If there is anyone who is not mentioned above that you would love to know more about, please ask! 

Look forward to more posts!


  1. Hi!
    I've been breaking my head wondering where I had seen Park Soo Jin before. I forgot it was in MGIG. I just watched a drama, she was in it and could not remember when I'd seen her before.

    Also, where do you find these music videos??? They must be so embarrassing for the artists. OY, I'm glad Kpop has improved. That was really, really bad,but not bad enough to be good :(.
    Thanks for the post. I really liked this drama.

    1. @Jade

      I am glad I could help you sort things out! I found the music videos online after Googling quite a bit. Hahahaha. I agree the Kpop has improved a lot! I am sure they are slightly embarrassed. Most celebrities are about past occurrences... Just look at Justin Timberlake with bleached corn rows. I am sure he regrets that style choice.