Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Cast of City Hunter

City Hunter is a popular series. So I am assuming that you know the characters. Let's get to know the people behind the roles. And ogle them awkwardly.

Lee Min Ho

Lee Yun-Seong is portrayed by the one and only Lee Min Ho. Whom I personally adore and have ever since Boys Over Flowers. He is a well know celebrity and is currently on the much hyped Faith. Which started to air on August 13th, 2012.  He has numerous endorsement campaigns, including Dunkin Donuts, Hyundai Veloster and Eider.

Boys Over Flowers (2009)
Personal Preference (2010)
Faith (2012)

Lee Min Ho likes his donuts!

This is an actual commercial he filmed. How cute is he?

He also stars with Park Shin Hye (You Are Beautiful) in this lipstick ad!

He is endorsed by Eider an outdoor clothing company. They released these beautiful wallpapers for your desktop. And yes that is Girls Generation star Yoona. Download them here.

Park Min-Young

Kim Na-na is none other than Park Min-Young. She is the winner of the Best New Actress Award for her portrayal of Yoo Eunbyeol in I Am Sam. She has also won numerous awards for modeling as well. You have to believe that, just look at her.

Unstoppable High Kick (2006)
I am Sam (2007)
Glory Jane (2010)
Dr. Jin (2012)

She stars in Big Bang's Haru Haru as the love interest.

She is a spokes model too!

Lee Jun-Hyuk

Prosecutor Kim Young-Joo is played by the beautiful Lee Jun-Hyuk. I know I would not mind this prosecutor tracking me down. Not at all. If he looks familiar then you have seen him on his numerous other dramas and maybe one of his films. If he doesn't, then it's because he has a mustache a lot of times and looks completely different. I'm serious. If you have not seen I Saw the Devil. I highly recommend it.

The Equator Man(2012)
I am Legend (2010)
City Hall (2009)

Peach Tree (2011)
I Saw the Devil (2010)
Fortune Saloon ( 2009)

With a mustache versus without one.

Kim Sang-ho

Uncle Bae Sik-Joong the chronic source of laughter and newly bought HSN items is none other than Kim Sang-Ho. Sang-ho mostly stars in feature films. His list of movie credits is the longest I have seen since starting this blog. Don't you worry though, he has plenty of dramas under his belt too.

You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly (2012)
Prosecutor Princess  (2010)
The Kingdom of the Winds (2008)

Heartbeat (2011)
The Happy Life (2007)
Detective Mr. Gong (2006)

 Kim Sang-Jung

Lee Jin-pyo, the biggest and baddest villain, slash, father, slash, drug-dealer, slash, hot old man... is played wonderfully by Kim Sang-Jung. He has been acting for a long time. Starring in Dramas before the internet was popular. I bet there are even VHS tapes of him out there. Wow. His current drama The Chaser is another action cop-drama. Stick to what you are good at Sang-Jung.

The Chaser (2012)
Sweet Bride (2000)
When She Beckons (1998)
My Son's Woman (1995)

The Day He Arrives (2012)
Like Father, Like Son (2007)

There you have it. The faces, places, sentences and spaces of the core cast of City Hunter. If I missed someone, or you would like to know about someone from the series that I left out. Just ask....  I'll find out for you.

Take care and watch your Kdrama.


  1. The Dunkin Donuts commercial is just too cute lol Love him :)

    1. @Bianca
      Yeah.... I watch it on repeat. Don't tell my boyfriend!

  2. Actually I prefer the "other" Lee Min Ho, aka Sang Man Bo of Rooftop Prince.
    The demise of the prosecutor in this drama upset me more than any other death in KDrama. That was one scene I could have done without.
    Otherwise an outstanding drama in story line, characterization and music. The music intensified the scenes to the point where I "marathoned" through this drama.