Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Cast of Pasta

Let's get to know some of the faces of Pasta. Shall we? We know these smiling faces as chefs, but who are the actors and actresses that make up the core of the show? 

Gong Hyo-jin

Seo Yoo Kyung is portrayed by South Korean actress Gong Hyo-jin. She has starred in over 34 Kdramas and movies. She can currently be seen in a couple of romantic comedy feature films: Love Fiction(2011) and  You are More Than Beautiful(2012).

The Greatest Love(2010)
Hello My Teacher(2006)
Ruler of Your Own World(2001)

She is a well know spokes model and has been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine. She even released a fashion line 2010.
 Who knew she was this hot?
The actress has also lent her voice to a few songs. Here is a duet with Q.

Lee Sun-gyun

Choi Hyun Wook is played by the very handsome and very popular actor Lee Sun-gyun. If he looks familiar then you are a fan of Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince gained the actor much notoriety and is still one of the most popular Kdramas out there. Sun-gyun has starred in over 26 feature films and 21 televisions series. He can currently be seen on Golden Time, a medical drama from the same director of Pasta.

Helpless (2012)
All About My Wife (2012)
Paju (2009)

Our Slightly Risque Relationship (2010)
Loveholic (2005)
White Tower (2007)

He has also been featured in magazines too. Let's take at look at his modeling skills.
I am not a fan of this weird mustache, but I do enjoy that face.

Lee Ha-nui aka Honey Lee

Oh Saeyoung, the romantic rival and famous television chef is played by actress Lee Ha-nui or as us westerners know her as: Honey Lee. She is the winner of Miss Korea 2006 and represented South Korea in the Miss Universe Pagent of 2007. She plays the Gayageum like a pro too. She is a very famous vegetarian in South Korea having her very own television show: Lee Ha-nui's Vegan Recipe.

 Miss Korea 2006

Alex Chu

Kim San aka Customer is played by Alex Chu aka Alex. Alex Chu is a well know Canadian-Korean singer and actor. That's right, he's multifaceted and multilingual. Behind those beautiful eyes is a man who can sing. Best know for his group The Classiquai Project(or simply Clazziquai), he is one of the vocalists, he sky rocketed to fame in the hit drama My Lovely Samsoon. His group provided the soundtrack for the series.


 Alex singing his pretty little heart out.
His group The Clazziquai Project

And I could not resist featuring a video. Come on now.
 Clazziquai - Lover Boy

If you are in DIRE need of a CD click here. In the meantime check out this sweet cover art. Seems our Alex Chu is striking out on his own lately.

I hope you loved this post. If there are any characters you would love to learn more about please let me know. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thank you for such detailed descriptions of the characters! Can tell that you spent quite awhile putting together all the side info which is great
    Thanks April ! Really enjoy ur blog ;)

    1. @Kevin
      You are very welcome. Thank YOU for reading my blog and commenting. I get super giddy about a new comment. It is sort of silly. But I am silly sort of girl.

      Hope you are enjoying Pasta!