Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Pasta is based around La Sfera, a small restaurant in the heart of Seoul. Unlike traditional Korean dishes, their specialty is authentic Italian. It is a highly competitive world within the small community that makes up Italian Chefs in Korea.

Putting in her 3 years of service as a fantastic assistant, Seo Yoo Kyung, can not wait till the day she can hold a fry pan. Her longing to become a true chef is evident in the very first few moments she enters the frame. She learns she has paid her dues and a new assistant is to be brought in the following morning. Bringing her one step closer to her dream.
Seo Yoo Kyung

The next morning she rushes to the market to pick out eggs and is gifted with a singular goldfish, by a seller at the market, with her purchase.
On the way to Le Sfera, she crosses a crosswalk, bumps into a stranger and drops her fish. A handsome passerby, who is also in a rush, stops to aid her.
Never you mind that traffic, save the fish.
He tells her to make a house by cupping her hand. He has bottle of water, what luck!

He rescues the goldfish and Seo Yoo Kyung's entire mood. The stranger helps her carry the fish all the way to the her destination, after he realizes that she can not carry her bags and cup a handful of water at the same time.

The stranger explaining how she could carry her bags with her teeth.

On the way to Yoo Kyung's destination the man flirts with her. Telling her lots of fun information about how stupid goldfish are, until their journey ends.

When she realizes she can not get her keys out of her pocket, the man awkwardly helps her. When their interaction is over, the man asks her out. They make a date for the following night, to meet at the crosswalk where they met.

Being new to the neighborhood, he asks wehre la Sfera is. Not knowing he was already there. AND that he has already asked out one of the female chefs.

Just look at the surprise on his face.

Yoo Kyung asks his age, and laughs. She has found her replacement: the new assistant! And quickly saves the fish in a rather large wineglass.

If I could live in a wineglass, I would be SO happy.

Authortive, but kindly, Seo Yoo Kyung lets the man know his place. He is an assistant and must work hard to move up. She shows him around the restaurant.

The next morning everyone quickly lines up. Every chef and every anti-pasta chef, and server, in order of ranking. The CEO has news, a new Chef is to start today. Surprised the chefs are all talking and questioning what has happened.

"Welcome, Choi Hyun Wook. Our new Chef."
Look familiar?
The CEO welcoming the new Chef who is a top Italian Chef.
Queue the awkward!

You have to admit, the first meeting of the two main characters is pretty adorable. Horrifyingly awkward, but cute as hell.


  1. Hey April ;) I ended up here after seeing ur v review of Secret Garden
    I loved secret garden series and am thinking of picking up pasta next... Although I am Korean I totally missed out on many of these famous series, so I'm looking forward to catch up on them I guess haha.

    I would like to recommend Bad Guy (sometimes called bad boy) in Korean 나쁜남자 featuring Kim Nam Gil as the main lead.
    It will be a different experience from the generally cheerful and lovey dovey ones like BOF and wont disappoint you ! (although some people hate the ending I personally loved it)

    1. @Kevin
      I am glad you are watching Pasta next! Be prepared to crave food like never before. I thought the series was cute, and that's all I will say. I am reviewing it next.

      I actually just finished City Hunter this morning. (It's 5am in KY.) If you have not seen it, I would highly recommend it. Thank you for recommending Bad Guy to me. I looked into it, and the show looks intense! In a good way. I am adding it to my list of "to watch".

      Thanks for leaving a comment and giving me a recommendation. You totally made my day.