Friday, June 1, 2012

The Cast of Boys Over Flowers

Ku Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di
Geum Jan Di is a strong character. She never fails to stand up for herself and always works harder than everyone else around her. She is a fantastic role model for girls and she inspired me too! To workout, that is! That girl can jump like no other. Guem Jan di is the daughter of two middle class parents who live paycheck to paycheck. They often make extra cash outside of their dry cleaning business, by selling newspapers and produce on the side of the road. Guem Jan Di also works at a local struggling porridge shop in her spare time.

Ku Hye Sun is the actress that plays Guem jan Di. Not only is she beautiful.... you probably think you have seen her before. And you may have. She starred in Drama City (2004), Pure In Heart (2006), The King and I (2007) and most recently in Take Care of Us Captain.

Lee Min Ho as Gu Jun Pyo
Jun Pyo never has a hair out of place. He is always dressed impeccably and is business smart and very savvy. Although he has all of those things, he leads a very sheltered life. A very poor-little-rich-boy character.He friends are the closest thing he has to family. The relationship he has withhis mother is very strained. She relies on him to be the face of Shin Hwa Group and represent their business as a person. Jun Pyo just wants to be a child and live a normal life. Therein lies his eternal struggle: be happy, live for himself and defy conventions or make his family proud, live financially secure life and continue to dominate the business world.

Lee Min Ho is a rising star. Boys Over Flowers has propelled him to win numerous awards. If he looks familiar you may be a fan of City Hunter.

Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo
Ji Hoo is borderline mute. He never speaks. When he is silent he is incredibly kind. He is also the man who helps Guem Jan Di overcome almost every obstacle she encounters. Ji Hoo drives a motorcycle the entire series, because his parents died in a car accident when he was very small. He put all of his emotion away when that happened and has never let anyone else come close to him. Even his friends say he is a kind of "autistic" personality.You can see his wall come up only around Jan Di, he will be kind in one second and then distant and cold in another. He has to draw the line somewhere and Jan Di is constantly challenging his boundaries.

The actor that plays Ji Hoo is Kim Hyun Joong. He has rocketed to stardom and continues the climb even outside the Kdramaverse. Starring in hit dramas like Playful Kiss (2010) and Dream high(2011). He is also a very talented musician. He is the leader and eldest member of Kpop band SS501. So playing an instrument and singing on a set comes naturally to the multifaceted man.
Witness the man in action in one of SS501's music videos.

Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin
Is a well know rapper and artist. He is definitely the most fluent in English. His character is passed over a lot on the show. Too bad too. Cause just look at that face.If he looks familiar to you then you are a Kpop fan and it shows. His group T-Max has made numerous albums.

Song Woo Bin is the funny guy on the show. He is always there to lend and a hand and bust Jun Pyo's chops occasionally. His character is never really taken too deeply, which I thought was good for the entire plot-line. He was a lighthearted and endearing additon to a series that could delve into periods of depressing drawn out scenarios.

Kim Bum as So Yi Jung
 The most handsome guy on the show to me. I mean... just stare into those eyes. Also the most complex character of the entire series. A drunkard father and an ailing mother have carved him into a broken playboy. His only method of curing his internal pain is turning women into objects for fear of losing them.  I wanted him to succeed in everything he did. He lacked the faith to pick himself up and dust himself off. He needed help, but always refused it.
Kim Bum is a wonderful actor who played the subtleties of Yi Jung with effortless prowess. I was always amazed that he did not get the lead male role. He has starred in East of Eden (2009), Dream (2009), and most recently Padam Padem..... The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats (2011).

 Kim So Eun as Chä Ga Eul
Lamest character of the show. She could have been replaced with a blow up doll and I think no one would care. Her only pivotal moment in the entire series is when she a has a real boyfriend for a moment and Jun Pyo punches him in the face after over hearing him bad mouth her.

 The actress is still an up-and-comer so she will possibly have  a second chance at redeeming her ability to pull of a character on a series to me. Until then, I just fast forward through her solo scenes.

Boys Over Flowers was a huge success. The show aired 3 repeat times in Japan alone. It is gathering new followers too, since being added to Netflix so that American audiences and myself can discover them. Being such a huge hit it created instant celebrities of the entire cast. Almost everyone above this paragraph landed major commercial endorsements after the series ended.

It is even rumored that because the show was such a hit in South Korea, that it influenced the behavior of men in the country. It prompted them to all achieve the "pretty boy" image of the F4. Can't say I blame them.


  1. I remember my jaw dropped when I saw a pic of Kim Bum from Padam Padam: (via dramabeans). If you like him, he's adorable in The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry. I loved that drama. It's like a Korean Sex and the City about 4 single girls in their 30s. Kim Bum plays the younger love interest to the main character.

    Lee Min Ho.... sooooo hot. :)

    1. Oooh.... I am putting that show on my list of "To Watch". I find Kim Bum's dimples irresistible.

      Lee Min Ho I did not think was too sexy on this show, but on City Hunter he reminds me of a bad-ass, sensitive, hotter version of Ashton Kutcher. Yummy.

      Thanks for the link!

  2. I'm very much obsessed with Kim Hyun Joong I loved him in Playful Kiss. I liked Kim Bum but it wasn't until I saw The Winter Wind that Blew that I fell in love with him
    I didn't see any reviews for 100 Years Inheritance and Lie to Me I was wondering if I over looked them or if you haven't seen them/ don't the review

    1. I haven't seen them or watched them. No one has ever recommended them to me! I will get right on it.

      I have The Winter Wind on my "to watch" list. Is it really good? Personally BOF is the drama that started my entire obsession. I have been really wanting to re-watch it to see if I feel the same about it.

      Thank you for the comment and the rec! Happy viewing!

    2. BOF started my obsession also. The Winter Wind is good but I've definitely seen better. I really like the romantic ones and it wasn't as romantic as I would have liked it but it definitely had a lot of drama. Hundred years Inheritance is good also, but long. It had a ton of episodes. Lie to Me is hilarious, I actually haven't finished watching all the episodes

  3. hi guys i really really liked this serial its so awesome...if u have one more chance to take a serial like this plzzzzzzzzzzzz gohead its really nice i like yi jung he s so cute.......

  4. i like jun pyo he s so nice...his character in this serial is gud....really i liked this..f4 was simply superb me and my frnds really liked it.v all r eager to watch your next serial..yi jung was too smart.....

  5. I am one of the few who often found BOF silly and - oh no - the S word - stupid, but it did have some enjoyable moments. Those moments usually involved the character of Song Woo Bin. I agree that character was way over-looked.
    I did like the character of Cha Ga Eul. She was a needed anchor to Kim Bum's character.
    Favorite scenes - definitely the ones where they go overseas and the 3 flower boys keep Jan Di company. Those just had beautiful backdrops.