Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oska! Oska! Oska!

Oska is the best! Korean Wave Star, millionaire, playboy and jokester. I fell in love with his character the moment he was introduced. Well, maybe not exactly when he was introduced. He was trying to cover up an affair before the tabloids could get to it. Hahaha
His sunny dispostition and charm are all SO enticing, you can't blame Ra Im for falling in love with him. I would proudly don some Oska socks.

Sadly, I could not find any for sale anywhere.

Let's take a moment to ogle his beauty....
 I love the nerdy glasses and casual flavor he has when he is out and about.
 Even when surprised or angry, you can't hate that face.
 Serious face. I want to kiss that wrinkle!
And everyone in the room melts at that face.

Yoon Sang-Hyun

The actor that portraits Oska is Yoon Sang-Hyun. A beautiful man who has been been acting and singing for a while. Born in 1973, he is looking very good for 39. That guy is aging like a fine bottle of wine.

He has starred in numerous Kdramas:
Can't Live Without Losing (2011)
My Fair Lady (2009)
My Wife is a Superwoman (2009)
Three Fathers, One Mother (2008)

And movies:
Ssunday Seoul (2005)
Tone Deaf Clinic (2012)

He is a wonderful singer too. Releasing his first single ever, Last Rain in 2010. He even sang his characters songs on Secret Garden too!!
Love Rain
Liar by Oska
Here I am by Oska

In 2011 he released an album, Precious Days in Japan. Check out the album cover. Yowza! He went on tour in Japan too. Lucky girls.

And when he isn't playing Oska. He is walking around living the dreamboat life. The boy cleans up well.
Maybe one day we will meet Oska. Until then, I will remain an ever loving fan of you and your music.

Who knows, maybe I will be able to get my hands on those socks. I would even settle for the calendar Joo Won scribbled all over.


  1. Soy una niña de 12 años que sueña conocer a oska por que cuando veo la novela el jardin secreto me da ganas de llorar por uno ve alas personas como ellos yo todos los dias descargo tus canciones y las escucho pero soy de colombia y mi sueño muy grande es conocer a oska pero sino se cumple ese sueño te segire queriendo aunque pasen los dias de soledad con ese sueño nunca me olvides te quiero amigito.

  2. I didn't know he actually was a singer. He has a beautiful voice. Thanks for sharing.