Thursday, June 28, 2012

I Need a Director Here!

Director Im Jong Soo....

My breathe was taken away the moment I laid eyes on you. You may be prettier than me. Which means we can never be together. Maybe in my next lifetime I will be born within your league. One can only hope.
                             I am sure you do not need that deodorant. You probably smell like unicorns and cupcakes.

Director Im Jong Soo is played by Korean actor Philip Lee. If you were wondering why his English was so perfect on the series, he was born in the USA. His wonderful (and I'm presuming gorgeous) Korean parents gave birth to him on May 26, 1981 in Washington D.C. His father even donated enough money to start a Student Exchange program between the US and Seoul, South Korea. Way to go Dad!

He attended Boston University, George Washington University and graduated with a Masters in Engineering. He moved to South Korea to persue acting, which is how we are all familiar with him.

If he looks like he is familiar to you, you could have seen him in these other Kdrama:
The Legend (2007)
A Man's Story (2009)
Faith (2012)
Faith I have been told I should watch. Now that I know Lee is in it. I am already looking for it.

If he still looks familiar to you, you may be a fashionista. He is an avid model. I mean, have you seen the guy? He has even been featured in Men's Health.

Or you may have seen his ads for Buckaroo Jeans with actress Park Min Young (City Hunter).

No matter what you think of the man who plays the Director, he is the Rock that Gil Ra Im needs. Even though she overlooks him all the time, we get to see his soft spot for her. Doesn't every woman want a man that cares for her as deeply as he cares for Ra Im? Without him, the show would have no real adults. Seriously, think about it.

Stay tuned for more posts. I promise to not drool over any more guys, this week. I think I can hold out till Monday......


  1. Secret Garden was NOT the first Korean Drama I ever watched, but it was the one that sealed my addiction for them. I laughed so hard I had to be shushed. SG was also the one that introduced me to Phillip Lee. It took a second to process his good looks. I think my brain fried and had to reboot itself. If I would seen myself in the mirror, I believe I would've seen hearts coming out of my eyes. I liked him more than any other actor at that moment. *sigh*
    P.S. He is going to have long hair and traditional clothing in the coming new drama, "Faith" with Lee Min Ho. I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Thanks for the pics!

    1. @Jade
      Hahahaha! Yeah, Secret Garden was not my first either. It is the show that hooked me too. Between the comedy of Oska and the beauty of the Director, I was lost to normal television forever.
      When I first seen Phillip Lee on screen in SG, I believe I said out loud: "Oooh, hello handsome". I then paused the screen to soak up his prettiness like a sponge.
      I am definitely watching Faith! Lee Min Ho is my Kryptonite.
      BTW... Don't ever Google-Image-search Phillip Lee, or you will be lost to the world! I think I stopped blinking for an hour.

  2. I like him especially if he talks in korean and sounds sexy...

    1. @Anonymous

      Yes! Especially when he does that. Yummmmmm. Hahahaha

  3. Watch him in The Legend, a 2007 drama series. He doesn't have many lines or much screen time and he only appears in the last half of the episodes, but when he is on screen, you don't see anything else!

    1. "jots down notes" Yup looks like I may be watching that REAL soon.