Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Which Character From Playful Kiss Are You?

Once you get down to brass tacks, every character on Playful Kiss could be someone you know in real life. What do I mean? I mean exactly what I said: you share the characteristics of one or more characters of the show.

Read the following generalizations of character and then scroll to the bottom of this post to see who you are! No cheating. I value the honor system.... you should too.

1. You are easy going. Except when it comes to your hair. Your friends are the most important thing to you. You love to goof around with your buddies and are hardly ever alone. Although you think you are top dog, you are just one puppy in a small pack. You hate to be alone.

2. You are outspoken. Especially when it comes to delicious food. Instead of completing a task in front of you, you would rather procrastinate and play with hair. Why should you get your work done? There is always tomorrow.

3. You are quiet. Shy even. When there needs to be something said you think about it and fall behind someone who is much louder than you. You are artistic and value creativity. You are a loyal friend who is always ready to lend an ear.

4. You are popular. You are nice and courteous to everyone you meet. That is... if they matter. You tend to work exceptionally hard for what you want. Although if you wanted, you would not have to at all. People would hand you everything. All you would have to do is ask.

5. You are a loner. You are not easily impressed, by anyone or anything. Family is important to you. Your goals out weigh your social life. You are always in control of every situation. If something is bothersome or pesky you squash it like a bug. Having fun is not your priority. Being the best is.

6. You are sweet. You crave the respect of others. You would work hard to get it, but would rather have fun instead. Life is too short for deadlines. You love your friends, they are your family. When you want something you are capable of moving mountains.

To distract you from scrolling down and peeking... Here are some pics of BSJ and Oh Hai Ni.

Good job not peeking! I am very proud.

Ta da!!! Your character is revealed.
1. You are Bong Joon Gu

2. You are Jung Joo Ri

3. Dok Go Min
 4.You are Yoon He Ra
5.Oh no you are Beak Seung Jo!
6. You and Oh Hai Ni would get along wonderfully.
Stayed tuned for more Playful Kiss related posts and a final review of the show.....


  1. I don't know what to do, pls hlp me. Am addicted and crazy abh korea films. I wish I cud jes give dem my story for dem to make it superb like always. Love u guys

    1. I am addicted as well, so you are not alone! Love you too! :)

  2. I don't know what to do, pls help me. Am addicted and crazy about korea films. I just wish I could give them my story so that they will make it superb as they have always done. Love you

    1. @precious I seriously have a problem as well. I still wake up at least 3 hours before work and watch 2 episodes. Ha! Thanks for the comment!

  3. While Iam watching this Iam feeling Iam teenager again......it relates my High School and College Life hmmmp so handsome Seung Joon and cute Ha Ni..!

    1. I agree. I have re-watched this Kdrama and it still gives me all of the same emotions as it did the first time around. :)