Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Playful Kiss Review

Here is my review for Playful Kiss. Please be forewarned that it has spoilers! Do not watch my video until you have finished the series.


I had a lot of fun doing this review. Mostly because it involved food! Shin Raymun in amazingly spicy and delicious. I highly recommend it! I found out it is Korea's number one selling ramen brand. So I learned something new and tried it for myself.

Thanks for watching. Be on the lookout for more videos and more kdrama-talk!


  1. As if a male YA blogger isn't random enough, his sister is a kdrama fan! Your family is awesome. April, how did you start watching kdramas? And if you like Shin Ramen, wait til you try Shin Ramen Black! Oh yeah. :P (Ramen tip: if you put the vegetables/seasoning in the water when it starts to boil, it'll taste better.)

    I can't wait to see your other reviews, esp CITY HUNTER.


    1. You are so sweet. Thanks for the comment. I actually started to watch Kdrama when Netflix started to run out of Anime for me to watch. It kept suggesting all of these shows I had never heard of before. Before I knew it I had watched 3 entire series. I love them.

      I will definitely have to try Shin Ramen Black, everyone is telling me I am missing out. City Hunter has been awesome so far.

      As for my family, we are quite strange, others seem to enjoy it though.

  2. Hello, I hope you are doing well. I got the link to your blog via your brother's blog while commenting on how I've recently doomed myself into an Asian Drama addiction.
    First, I would like to start off by saying that I liked your video review. I thought it was nice touch while giving your opinion on the story.
    Second, It's nice to add a face to someone who likes Kdramas. Most of the ppl I interact with who like Kdramas or Asian dramas in general are pretty much faceless to me bc it's all online via, blogs,etc.
    Third: I pretty much agree word for word with the comment above. I also would like to read your review on City Hunter and others. City Hunter is one of my favorite Kdramas.

    You know it's interesting to see that I started watching Kdramas via Netflix for pretty much the same reason. Boys Over Flowers was the one I decided to watch first and I was sold. I found it mind boggling. I had so many questions as to the why things were happening as shown. Why the piggy back rides?, What were those green bottles?, Why is his hair so curly and ugly?, etc.
    Before I knew it, I was hooked. I started looking for answers to my questions and discovered this whole new world I never knew existed. I went from watching less than 5 hours of tv a week to finishing 3 dramas in a month. I've moved on from only Kdramas to Japanese and Taiwanese ones. I like comparing the same dramas as done in each of the other countries. I for example, prefer the Taiwanese version of Playful Kiss and the Japanese one of Boy over flowers. Still, Kdramas are by far my favorite ones to watch.

    If you are interested I could share some links that I've found very helpful and helped me to enjoy this obsession even more.
    I know I've made this comment all about me. I'm sorry. I'm just excited by the possibility of your "Obsession making me feel normal" :).

    Thanks in advance for reading this long post and the overall content of your blog. I'm already enjoying it and learning new things. Take care,

    Jade L.

    1. Jade,

      Links?! Yes, please! I am so happy to have found others that carry the burden of being alone in their obsession in their respective circles. I feel you!! To quote Toy Story, "You've got a friend in me".

      I too, only used to watch a limited amount of TV. Before Kdrama, I really only watched Vampire Diaries and an occasional Hell's Kitchen episode with my brother. I stuck mostly to foreign films and anime via Netflix. I still remember the day that Playful Kiss popped into my recommendations. Ah..... A a glorious day indeed!

      I have seen that there are Japanese and Taiwanese versions of those shows too. I may watch them, to compare. It would be fun. Especially because you said you liked them better. So that might go on my checklist.

      What's not to love about shows that are cheesy, romantic, hilarious, dramatic and very very stylish? Nothing! Hahahahaha

      Please, please... Stay in touch with me! (Look for me on Twitter @Soycheese)I am so glad you like my blog. Your comment has made my day. Please share anything and everything you want to with me.

      I am so excited to finish City Hunter now!


  3. Yay! Thank you. I'm glad you are giving me free reign. Brevity is not my strong suit.I'm also happy to share some of the knowledge I've gathered. I will look for you in Twitter. Would you believe me if I tell you that my Twitter is @SoyJade? (Soy means, " I am" in Spanish. How interesting.

    Links: My go to site and the first one I discovered that has helped me so much to understand what is going on is:
    They specialize in recaps and news on Kdramas and/ or it's popular characters. Also, on Fridays they have this thing called, "Open Thread" where you are free to give your opinion or just...sort of interact with other KDrama lovers.

    I really like their Drama Recaps. They are interesting and generally funny. The main girls on the site are Korean Americans. As their tag says: "They deconstruct K Dramas".

    The second link is :
    I joined that in January. You can see my list in the link above. I hope is not TMI). You can create your own list of every drama you have watched, plan to watch, put on hold or have dropped.Pretty much it helps you to keep your obsession organized. You can rate and or review the dramas, get synopsis, cast info, etc. The list is very comprehensive. I have discovered many dramas/movies this way. The site has a listing of Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese dramas, movies and actors. : is all about KPop culture. Music, Drama, actors, etc. : They sub dramas from may countries. If the drama is new and popular enough, the subs are out in a matter of hours.

    Dramafever and Hulu: have a great collection of K-dramas. I like Hulu bc I can watch on TV.

    I don't watch as many dramas now as when I started, but the one I'm watching now is really above and beyond anything I have ever watched before. It is so incredibly beautiful to watch. The cinematography, the music, the costumes, scenery, the story line, the acting, the direction, the pacing, the romance, is all top of the line. The drama is getting much love right now for doing everything right. The last two episodes will show next week. The drama is called, "Queen Inhyn's Man". It's a time travel, fusion Sageuk. I highly recommend it. You can watch the first episode here:

    You can read a description here:

    I hope it's not too much at once. I hope you can find these helpful.

    Thank you for your time.Be well.


    1. Jade,

      Thanks for the links! I joined MyDramalist and sent you a friend request. I bookmarked everything else, that I did not already have.

      I even have 2 apps on my phone for Kpop culture. So that when I have a second I can look into it and see the happenings. may just be the best thing ever. Thank you for that.

      I am going to be one busy, busy girl. Hahahaha.


  4. I'm glad you found some of the links useful. I also like viki. I just plug my computer to the TV and watch happily.

    That thing called life + KDramas sure makes a person extra busy :)