Monday, May 14, 2012

Playful Kiss (a breakdown)

I was instantly drawn into the storyline of playful Kiss just because of how cute the character of Oh Hai Ni is. After the first episode I knew I would be giving up hours of my life. As far I am concerned, it was time well spent.

Playful Kiss is based on the popular Japanese Manga Itazura Na Kiss. It originally aired in Korea in 2010, so I know that my love for the series is late, but nevertheless strong. The show centers around Oh Hai Ni played by Jung So Min and Baek Seung Jo played by Kim Hyun Joong. The entire series is streaming on Netflix and available widely on DVD.

 Oh Hai Ni looking super cute.
Baek Seung Jo looking dapper as all hell.

First Episode Breakdown
 The story starts off with innocent highschooler Oh Hai Ni daydreaming about an innocent kiss with Baek Seung Jo. When she awakens she is tormented with how she should cope with this crush.
 She knows it wont be easy. And after the class standings are posted, she knows that however she goes about it may be doomed to fail. Baek Seung Jo is the smartest kid at school. While Hai Ni is in the bottom 20 students and is a terrible procrastinator with no interest in studying.
Having no where to turn for advice amongst her friends, who are all in her same low scoring class, Hai Ni goes to her father for advice.
Dear old Dad tells Oh Hai Ni that she must confess her feelings to BSJ. Maybe a love letter would be a great way to tell him her feelings.....
Oh Hai Ni takes his advice and writes a sincere and heartfelt letter to BSJ confessing that he is her "Forrest Spirit" and that he could make her happy.

Diligently awaiting a response Oh Hai Ni is surprised when BSJ confronts her at school in front of everyone during a break between classes. BSJ hands her a note. Hai Ni is very happy to have gottn a response so quickly and fervently opens it.
 In complete shock after reading the letter handed to her and stunned into silence Oh Hai Ni just stands there while others gather around her. After none of the crowds questions get answered, a group of popular girls rips the note out of her hand to reveal to everyone watching what was going on and what the note contained.
BSJ corrected her grammar, and graded her love letter.
With her heart broken by the boy she is in love with Oh Hai Ni has no choice but to stand amongst her peers and listen as Beak Seung Jo tells her that he doesn't date stupid girls.

What an asshole! How can he be so cruel? Surely that huge brain of his is capable of feeling emotion, right?

Like I mentioned earlier, I was done for after the first episode. You will be too. With it's campy flavor and Backstreet Boys-esque soundtrack, you can't help but feel for Hai Ni and hate BSJ.

Stay tuned for a review of the series as a whole. As well, as fun show inspired posts.

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