Sunday, May 20, 2012

How To Be Cute (like Oh Hai Ni) and Smart (like Baek Seung Jo)

Wouldn't we all love to be as adorable as Oh Hai Ni. To be able to make boys swoon without even thinking about it and still appear as innocent as a new kitten. Life would be simple. People would hold open more doors for you and give you free stuff.
Bull crap.

No one wants to be a Twinkie without a cream core. Being tasty and delectable doesn't mean poop if you have "duuuuuh" coming out of your mouth every time you open it. Thus, you need your smarts. Look to Beak Seung Jo and realize that when it comes to brains size matters.

Objective 1: Obtain Cuteness Factor

Oh Hai Ni has style. The girl rocks more hairstyles than there are days in a year. She dresses super sweet and looks polished to perfection all the time. I have no clue why BSJ can't see this, he should get his eyes examined.

For ideas as to how to fix your long hair, check out this amazing blogpost all about every hairstyle that Oh Hai Ni has sported. If you are anything like me and have super short hair. You can always spruce up your look with some accessories.

 Short haired me.
And April with lots of hair accessories.
See it doesn't matter what type of adornment you put on your head. All of them can be super cute.
You can achieve that "fresh-faced" youthful look with fantastic ease. There is a "How To" on YouTube on achieving Hai Ni's beautiful make-up.

Objective 2: Obtain My Delicious Center

I am here to help you grow your brain. You are already smart. I'm psychic... and you are reading this post; proof enough for me. BSJ never hesitates to learn anything new. Nor does he limit himself to one thing he is supposed to be good at. So follow his example and expand your range.
Is your vocabulary lacking to the point where you sputter out "yeah" all the time. Up your ante. Sign up for a free vocab boosting service.
Word Of The Day
You can also make your homepage the Wikipedia's main page. Were you can learn a new fun fact everyday and peruse new fun ideas.
And lastly, if you are anything like me and would love to learn Korean. There are a ton of fun video tutorials out there. My personal favorite is SeeMile on YouTube. Find her here.
 Seemile on Youtube teaching it up.
 There is always too!

Follow all these steps and viola! You are one certifiable, yummy, gorgeous, well-worded and unique Twinkie.
Remember this is only advice. I was inspired by Playful Kiss. You could already be as cute as Oh Hai Ni and as flipping smart as Baek Seung Jo. If you are congrats..... And please leave your number in the comment section. ;)

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