Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Boys Over Flowers (pilot breakdown)

Boys over flowers opens with an ominous scene. A young boy discovers a red warning sign in his locker.
 Upon this discovery he reacts in fear and wildly glances about to his peers and fellow classmates. They react in anger and start to chase this young man.

 Shin Hwa High School is not a normal High School. It is prestigious and is erupting in singular hatred towards this young man. The wild crowd chases and yells after him as he flees for his life. Having no where to run he climbs the stairs to the roof of a building. The crowd splits into pursuers and spectators. The pursuers follow him to the roof where he is backed to the ledge of the building. With the spectators below egging the boy to jump and the mob on the roof awaiting his decision of whether he will jump or endure a beating.

 A young girl on a bike with a dry cleaning delivery is looking for her customer.  She finds the crazy mob and over hears someone yelling for the customer to jump. She looks up and sees him. Rushes up the steps and tells him that she has his delivery. When she goes to hand the boy his dry cleaning he goes to jump... But the dry cleaning and the young girl saves his life.

 Is that my customer up there? 
Word of this rescue and the massive bullying attack reaches every news station within South Korea. In order to quiet the rumors and appear more appealing to the public, the President of Shin Hwa Group offers the young girl a scholarship.

Shin Hwa High School is solely a school for the high class. You are either born into it, or you buy your way into it. Scholarships are unheard of.

Poor Guem Jan Di is the unfortunate recipient of both the most ostentatious gift and the most horrific gift imaginable.
The school is ran by the Shin Hwa Group and kept in order by a group of the most popular and most beautiful, wealthy young men... known only as the F4.
The F4...scary right?

Where will Guem Jan Di go? How will the F4 react to such an unwelcome visitor? Who are this beautiful and cruel men?

If it sounds wonderful..... It is because it is!!

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